I got a sample of Durex Real Feel condoms the other day, courtesy of CrowdTap.  I gave away a bunch of them!  I’m still waiting to hear back how they were received.  What a great way to get sex from your partner, “Hey, honey, I need to test this condom.  It’s for science!”  Hopefully, my friends get lucky.  😉

As for me, I’ll have to test it on a banana.  I had a partner when I applied, but alas, no more.  It doesn’t stop me from talking about condoms though!  And the process of sharing these with my friends has brought up some interesting thoughts about how sex really doesn’t need to be a big deal.  Sure, it’s got some seriousness to it, but there’s NO reason not to talk about it.  Maybe if we spent more time being open about it, we’d have a lot less problems.