Influenster gave me two samples of Speed Stick to try out.  The first thing I did was check to see what the deodorant looked like.  I was expecting a gel, but it was a chalk, which is a huge plus.  I used Speed Stick for years as a teen, but had to stop using it because the alcohol burned me.  When I switched to chalk, it worked a lot better.  So, I was glad to see them go with a different make-up.  However, the smell was very feminine.  It was too floral and sweet.  I prefer a musky scent.  Allows me to maintain my Sasquatch aura.

I had a friend sample it too.  He had the same thoughts, with an added critique that it didn’t keep him dry.  He gives it a 2/5 for that.  He also found it too girly smelling.