I never actually took Russian in college, but my friend did and he asked me to come to class one day to see this girl.  Ugh.  She was saccharin sweet and chipper.  I have NO idea what her agenda was in the class, other than to perhaps meet a future spy with whom she could have undercover adventures.  On the day I went, they were learning how to say, “I am an American.” which is (yah ameri-cahn-cuh).  The issue with this girl is that she didn’t understand tone and chanted it like she was on the pep squad and had this all too cheerful up-note at the end.  My understanding of Russians is “What the Hell are you so god-damned cheerful about!”  Oblivious, she just kept at it.

The teacher was a nice woman from…Norway?  She didn’t look like a babushka, but it was fun to draw her that way.