It is a little known fact that I took fencing in college.  It was the most fun class!  We used foils and sabers (the sabers were wicked hard to defend).  Every class, we would partner off and fence one another.  One day, I discovered some neat tricks.  First, if you really want to ring someone’s bell, thrust your foil into their face mask.  It makes a loud sound and scares the crap out of them.  Also, I learned that I could use my size to intimidate.  Oh, that poor girl.  She was shaking like a leaf when the big white Wookie approached menacingly.  It’s too bad we had to wear white.  Black, or red, would have been so much cooler!

I never fenced again.  The gear was like $500 and I just never had the money.  But it was very fun.  Oh, and when the instructor asks for a volunteer to let him demonstrate a proper thrust…don’t.