So, after bombing yet another exam in Calculus, I decided the proper thing to do would be to drink a few beverages.  I knew that Physics lab wasn’t going to be a challenge (other than the fact that the TA spoke Chinese).  When I showed up, my lab partner could smell the alcohol coming through my pores.  Oops.  I may have overdone it a wee bit.  Blame mom for the time of day reference.

I met my lab partner in Chemistry the previous semester.  She was a med student, an aerobics instructor, a care giver for a handicapped girl, and drop dead gorgeous.  My job was to be smart and help her.  Her part of the bargain was to look amazing and let me be in the same room.  Later, I made the ultimate faux pas and called her name out at a really bad time.  Oops.  It really was a linguistics error and not Freudian, but I should have let it be.  She went on to hook up with some guy that ran a Mexican restaurant.  I hope she eventually became a doctor and went on to live a wonderful life.  She was a cool chick.