Diabla was a few years older than me and graduated while we were dating. Once she was done with school, she thought California would be a good place to find a job in her career. We were also getting married and with her family all there, it made a lot of sense to prep for the wedding locally. I had my reservations about living with her mom. But, it was actually a pretty fun summer. I got a job at a movie theater for a few hours (until I had to pick up a soiled diaper). Then, I got a job at Sears in the Men’s Department. That was kind of fun. What did she do in California? She worked at a coffee shop. I’m pretty sure she didn’t apply for any “real” jobs in her field.

Anyway, Southern California is a wonderful place to visit. I wouldn’t want to live there permanently, but it’s hard to complain about in short visits. I went to Sea World, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios. The one place I really wanted to go to was Disney Land. I should make a comic about that….