The lady that was the front office manager was such a stickler! The actual rule was that you could have a beard, you just couldn’t grow a beard. There were a couple of times that I tried. My shift was 4 on/3 off and I can grow a pretty good base in three days. One time, I even tried to use makeup to darken it. Didn’t matter. Inevitably, I would run into this lady on my way home in the morning and she would glare at me. Next shift, I would get a note demanding I shave, or get a phone call. But, we all make concessions when we work for someone else, and even when we are the boss, we have other concessions imposed upon us. But beards? Give me a break. It’s not like I had to cook people’s food or anything. It didn’t matter anyway. I basically had permanent five o’clock shadow the entire time I worked there. I looked like Homer Simpson.

As far the job went, best gig for a college kid EVER. I showed up at 10 pm, did work for a few hours. Rolled the computers over to the next day at midnight and started the reports. From then until about 5 am or so was ME time and I got all my homework done. I would run home at 7 or so, sleep till noon and go to school. The only weird thing was sleeping in the daytime. It made social activities difficult. I also had to take classes late instead of early and that was a challenge as well. Remember the comics where I was sleeping in class? This is why.