Working the graveyard shift meant that I dealt with very few people. I showed up at 10 pm, HOURS after most normal people check into hotels. But, I always got the folks catching the last flight into town. These are people who’d been travelling all day, tired as hell, with their luggage in Cleveland. Not a happy group. They just want to get to their room and go to sleep. But, since we were a busy hotel, we were often over booked and inevitably, the “no-shows” ended up arriving at 11:58 pm. Then, there were people who were never satisfied. What I learned from working at the hotel was how to treat employees-with respect. There is rarely a valid reason to jump down some poor worker’s throat.

So, be nice to customer service people. You’re actually MUCH MORE likely to get a comp/upgrade/freebie by asking nicely and behaving like a human.