The staging area I was sent to was Miami, Florida. It was amazing! I ate Key Lime Pie, and a Dolphin Sandwich (sadly, Dolphin Fish, not actual Dolphin). I had Cuban food with all the other volunteers (I forget the title we had, since we weren’t volunteers yet). I stayed in the Crowne Plaza. It was great! During the pre-departure meeting, the moderator (?) had a big pad of paper and we all had to write down what we were most scared of in the jungle. It was what you might expect: scary jungle things. It was so far off the mark. Let me tell what what the scariest things are. For women, the dogs. Every single female volunteer was terrified of Bush Hounds. They were scrawny and mangy pathetic things. If you just made eye contact, they peed themselves. But, for some strange reason, all the ladies were terrified. For me? It was things I didn’t even know about yet. In practice, it was tiny creatures falling on me.