Alright, the weird “partners” actually led the way for all the weird East-Coasters. As we got to know all the volunteers, it became clear that people from the West Coast do NOT “get” people from the East Coast and vice versa. Part of it was humor. Part of it was attitude. Part of it was political-the Easterners seemed to enjoy debating politics. The Westerners just wanted to chill out and whatever, baby. At least with this huge sample of 18 couples (or was it 9 couples and 18 people). The only group that had more friction was our 18 and the Sur1 group (the first set of people to volunteer in Suriname and the people we, Sur3, were replacing).

The cat jumping into the water is my very dear friend, Kilo. We had a blast in Suriname. You’ll see him later, his wife too probably.