I decided to write this a la Wikipedia.  Pardon the use of third person and non-use of pronouns.  I’m a private person…


Bamatick (pronounced bah’-muh tik) is an American artist and educator.  Bamatick is globally known for inventing the Plush Murloc (and other plush creatures), writing World of Warcraft song parodies, and locally known for being a school teacher, college professor, and technical trainer.  The Plush Murloc has gone on to E3 fame and become an officially licensed Blizzard product.  Bamatick has written over 60 parodies and wrote the lyrics to a song performed by Atomheart.  Bamatick, the Comic, is the first such venture in this arena.

1974-1979: Pre-Memory

Bamatick was NOT born in Alabama.  Bamatick has no memories before the age of 5.  The 5th birthday was very memorable.

1979-1989: Statistic or Anomaly?

Bamatick’s parents remarried other people when Bamatick was 5.  Bamatick’s mother married her brother (a step brother with whom she did not grow up, but still).  Bamatick’s father married a really nice woman, whom he later divorced and married another nice lady.  Bamatick spent childhood moving back and forth between the parents, changing schools 12 times from kindergarten through 10th grade.  Despite this, Bamatick was identified early as gifted (Podunk Elementary wanted to burn Bamatick at the stake for being able to read in Kindergarten, the demon!).  Modern Education would have drugged Bamatick for being ADHD.  Making friends and keeping them was difficult for Bamatick with the frequent moving.

1989-1992: Dark Times

Friday, January 13, 1989 sucked and the suckitude continued for the next 3 years.

1992-1997: College

Bamatick attended the University of Idaho and Boise State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Spanish Secondary Education.  Bamatick married the Devil during this period.  It seemed like a bad idea even then.

1997-1998: Jungle Boogie

Bamatick and the Devil joined the Peace Corps and served as volunteers in Suriname, South America.  Bamatick speaks Dutch, Sranan Tongo, Tiriyo, and several other native languages.

1998-2001: Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Bamatick was a high school teacher in three different schools, teaching Spanish, Biology, Physics, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Geology.  Bamatick was also an adjunct professor of Spanish for Boise State University until being fired “for real this time” in 2005.  After a semester of very unpleasant harassment by a vice-principal, Bamatick decided to go back to school and get a job that made money.  Bamatick’s first daughter was born in this period.  She rocks!

2001-2005: College, Part Deux

Bamatick decided that BSU needed more money and got a second Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems.  Bamatick’s second daughter was born during this period.  She rocks!  Bamatick worked a full-time job, kept teaching for Boise State, and raised two children.  The Devil was doing other things.

Bamatick divorced the Devil.  Poco a poco, Paco Peco, poco pico.

2005-2008: Geekin’ It Out!

With a new degree, Bamatick landed a job as a “plumber.”  Not really.  But it’s super secret squirrel stuff and I’d have to kill you.

2008-2010: The Man

Bamatick left the coolest job ever to work for the Tax Commission.  It sucked.  During this period, Bamatick got married again.  Bamatick left the Tax Jerks and went back to the coolest job ever.

2010-2013: Good and Bad Times

Bamatick and the Devil had an epic battle royale in court over an incendiary topic. Bamatick’s father-in-law got pancreatic cancer and died.  Bamatick’s spouse decided being married wasn’t good so divorce #2.  Bummer.  Bamatick really thought that was The One.  But during this time, Bamatick had two amazing step-kids, a dog, a cat, and a gray sphere.

Present: Right now

Bamatick lives in Boise, Idaho with two beautiful children and a velociraptor.


  • Bachelor of Spanish (Despite being destined for Drug Dealing)
  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (first in the family to go to college…again)
  • Plush Murloc, Gnoll, Bog Beast, Abomination, Void Walker, Shrunken Head, Plush Gabe and Tycho (yes, of Penny Arcade).
  • 60+ Song Parodies from WoW
  • Speak 40+ languages
  • Bamatick, the Comic