This is weird time warp. This event actually happened when I went back to college for my second BA. I was working the graveyard shift at the hotel, teaching Spanish for BSU and at 8am…all I wanted to do was count Z’s. Accounting, being what it is, was not helpful. And one day, I just nodded off. Hrk..grmph…zzzzz. My study mates were kind enough to nudge me awake the first few times, but eventually, I think I just left class and drove home (a very LONG drive). I don’t know how I did it.

Why the time warp? I decided when I created these that some stories went with certain topics better than certain time periods. I am scattered enough as it is plus following me across time (10 years) even though I’m talking about the same thing (college) would be confusing. I think I have a few more like this. Time will tell.