Mefloquine. Fuck that shit. Malaria has to be worse than the feeling of being on Mefloquine. It has to, right? Here’s the story. The government banned Mefloquine in the US. Turns out, it causes you to freak out. I can attest that the LAST place you want to feel like there are imaginary bugs on/in you is a place where there are always bugs on/in you. We were supposed to take it every other week, but they didn’t think we would be able to remember, so they made us take it weekly. My designated day was Friday. One time, I imagined the seam on the mosquito net was a giant snake, so I attacked it. My friend, Kilo, took his on Wednesdays. It was harsh.

The kicker? You can still get Malaria while taking Mefloquine…it just won’t kill you. Great. Oh, and I had to keep taking it for a month after I got home. Less than pleasant.

I can say that I didn’t die from Malaria. Thanks, Lariam!