Part of what made playing D&D with my friend so fun was his approach to DMing. He would conjure up unsolvable scenarios, where absolute death was certain, and then drop us in the meat grinder. And every time, we rose to the occasion and found a way out. One of his common tactics was having the NPCs (NOT the villain, mind you, just some random person) be utter bad asses. Helga the Maid was one such character. We were in some inn, doing something sneaky and the maid came in. We figured we would incapacitate her and go about our business. Turns out Helga was a 5th degree black belt and she proceeded to whoop our asses. See that mosquito? You might think it’s a mosquito. It might look like a mosquito and be behaving like a mosquito, but that is a master tactician. Every fight was to the death. It got to the point where we just expected it. Very challenging and very fun! Another trivia note: my gremlin possessed plasticity; I could change shape. It probably endangered me more than it helped.