You know those cans at the grocery store that are all dented? They all end up in Suriname. The trick was always to find the ones that were just dented and not bulging (with Botulism). One day, we had a hankering for nachos. Mind you, Suriname may very well be in South America, but there is nothing Latin about it. Liquor? Rum. Cheese? Gouda. So, we got a can of beans, a can of jalapeños (Probably the only can in the country) and the closest chip we could find…Pringles. As far as chips went, we usually just ate Cassava chips (REALLY hard), or banana chips (Don’t eat too many). Our nachos were not the best in the world, but when you’re living in the jungle, you get used to the idea of “close enough.” We probably licked the plate.