Paying for college is a sore subject for me. I was a student who needed financial aid. My parents hadn’t a clue, so I had no clue. Initially, I was on a scholarship from NASA, as a Chemical Engineering major. But one class in ChemE made me a Spanish major. For the remainder of my 10 years in college, I only ever got a pittance of Pell Grants and a boat load of loans. I will be paying for college FOREVER. Meanwhile, “student” athletes got full rides, fortune, and glory, not to mention adoration. Rarely have I seen a group of people who less deserved what they got. Not a brain in their head. I have no problem with athletics…as long as it has NO attachment to academics. If you want to play a game, play a game. You don’t deserve free school for playing a game. I got straight A’s in high school. I speak several languages. I have a genius level IQ. And no love for me?! I went to the same school as Christopher Farnsworth, Curtis Stigers, and Jake Plummer. All I’ve ever been asked about is the quarterback. F athletes. Maaaaybe I’m a little bitter.

Anyway, I always enjoyed getting my gob’ment check and blowing through the “extra” hundred dollars the beginning of each year. But being broke the rest of the year, begging for the left over crust from my roomate’s pizza, kinda sucked. My best friend didn’t have these problems. He got bankrolled by his folks. Granted, he had to deal with them, and I didn’t. I think I may have made out better.