I had a frequent guest that arrived late and left early. So, I got to interact with him a lot. He always wanted to stay in this one particular room. It had a balcony, just like the room next to it, but he always wanted this specific room number. One day, I asked him why he liked that room. He said that the first time he ever stayed in it, he opened the dresser and found some woman’s bra. The next morning, he had a really great presentation at work and thought it was lucky. He checked for a bra every time, but never found one again.

One day, I printed an ad from Victoria’s Secret and signed it, “Enjoy your stay!-The Management” and stashed it in the dresser of his room before he checked in. It’s the little things.

Aside from this, the guy was cool. He taught Customer Service to car dealerships and passed on this sage advice, “Treat your employees well and they will treat the customers well.”