Ah, like it was yesterday. There we were, playing Dungeons and Dragons, having the time of our lives. We got done about midnight and I suddenly remembered I had an econ final…five hours ago. I ended up getting a D in that class. But, in all fairness, I deserved an F. I slept through all the classes and did almost no work. I was not a good student. Somehow, I was graced with a professor who was kind and made me a deal: all the homework and I’d get a C. I delivered. He forgot the deal. Later, I reminded him and he went through the effort to change my grade.

You would think I learned from this experience. I didn’t. This same thing happened a few more times in my University career. It happened once with the same teacher. He let it slide the first time, but held my feet to the fire the second time (as he should). Again, I probably didn’t learn my lesson.