Flying in a bush plane is no picnic.  It’s tiny.  And after having the pilot stall out, I was greatly looking forward to being back on solid Earth.  But this is not a long, slow, smooth landing.  It is basically falling straight down, controlling the crash, and getting the plane to stop before you hit trees and die in a fiery explosion.  Super fun.

“Hello” in Tiriyo means, “You came back” and the response is, “Yes, I came back.”  Apparently, leaving and the subsequent return is significant enough to earn a spot as the official greeting.  Day to day, it’s “Are you awake?”  or “How’d you sleep?”  But this was the very first time I’d ever been to this village, so saying “I came back” felt really weird.

Most of the time, the women were topless.  I have seen all the breasts I ever need to see in my life.  And some of them I wish I could unsee.  Also, these people are LITTLE.  I was the great white spider monkey, towering over them by over a foot.

Out of all this art on the page, I was most sad to ink over my native.  I really liked the pencilling I did.