It’s like New Delhi, only Zoo Deli. One day, my friends and I took a field trip and visited the Paramaribo Zoo. It was really cool. They had a Scarlet Ibis. Some Spider Monkeys. There was a Tapir. The Anaconda cage had a BIG hole in it, which was not very comforting. One of the workers told us that there used to be more animals, but the natives came to town and ate all of them. I can understand. Monkeys are delicious. As is Tapir.

That same day, as we were walking home, a guy in a white van offered us a ride. My friends had to ride in the back. For a moment, I was pretty sure we were all about to become a person suit after rubbing lotion on our skin for a week in a dark cellar. But that’s ridiculous. They don’t have cellars on the equator. Van was creepy.