My friend did have a thing for a girl who we called Greenjeans.  It might have been her real name.  Hard to say.  She worked at the record store in the mall, so naturally, we spent a lot of time there staring at her awkwardly.  I don’t think my friend ever talked to her.  She was a heart stopper though.  He enjoys Elvish women. 

Easter Egg: As I was drawing Greenjeans, I realized she looks a lot like Marié Digby.  So, I used Marié as the model for my drawing.  I used one of her photos from the Arden B fashion shoot she did.  My drawing doesn’t really do her justice, but it’s close.  I think I got the hair and her nose.    I also think the overall body is pretty good.  Eyes and lips were tough.  Meh, what’re you gonna do?