I started my college career as a Chemical Engineering major.  That ended after the first semester.  I placed into Calculus and took it from Dr. Methuselah.  I never once spoke up in class and was always completely lost.  My poor brain just wasn’t cut out for the subject.  I ended up getting a D.  A few semesters later, I got the bright idea to retake the class from the same professor.  I figured I had all the notes and tests, I had to do better, right?  Wrong.  I got an F.  This was a 5 credit class and it took YEARS to repair my GPA.  But, I became a Spanish major, so it really didn’t matter.

A decade later, I pursued a second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.  Guess what class I had to take?  10 years after doing ANY math, I had to jump right back into Calculus.  I took it as a class over the TV, which I taped and watched at work.  I aced the class.  Calculus was my Everest and I bested it!

The joke here is that the Spanish word for Calculus is Cálculo.  Which, unless you speak Spanish still doesn’t make sense.  The Spanish word, “culo” means asshole.  Perhaps now, you see my delight.  I really hated that class.