After spending the summer playing the piano, I really wanted to keep the momentum going and take lessons in college. I did go to a school that has a serious music program! But, piano class was only available to music majors, a loophole I cleverly circumvented by…declaring a major in Music Performance: Piano. Sadly, the momentum was very quickly crushed. I didn’t have a piano handy and finding one took a lot of effort and time that I didn’t want to commit. Also, they kind of expected us to be experts at reading sheet music. I ended up dropping the class, but never bothered to un-declare the major. To this day, my transcripts list me as a double major in Spanish and Music. Amazing.

As an interesting note, the Registrar in panel 2 apparently looks a lot like my wife. The kids thought it was her. But, it isn’t. She’s just an extra.