Ugh, these people. Before we left America, we actually managed to connect with one of the other 17 couples destined for Suriname. They were travelling around the country and stopped by our lovely state along the way. We went rafting (I actually fell out in the middle of a class 5 rapid and they took a picture of my foot in the frothy foam). It was July 4th or something. I’ve changed their names, but I can’t promise anonymity. In fact, I’m certain of it. Anyway, they were kind of weird. The woman introduced her husband as her partner. I had only recently learned that “partner” was what gay people call their spouse, and it always sat funny with me for this couple to refer to one another that way. It made me feel like they weren’t married and were just faking it to get into the Peace Corps together or something. So odd. The woman was tall and the man was a tiny hulk. He was ex-military. Now, had my favorite couple connected with us pre-trip, THAT would have been amazing.

To this day, I’ve always found the term “partner” an odd way to refer to one’s spouse. Lesbians, just call her your wife. Gay Dudes, call him your husband. Hell, make up a word. Partner just feels so business-like.