Across the board, all the SUR1 volunteers were dicks.  They might’ve played nice, but ultimately, dicks.  Here we were, SUR3, coming to replace them and pick up where they left off, and this is what happens?  Let me lay this out-the US Gov’t gave each volunteer a giant bag of money to setup a home in each of these villages.  “Here’s $10,000.  Build a house.”  And they did.  It took them months.  Mine was probably one of the nicer huts.  But then, as these volunteers prepared to leave Suriname and return to the US, they expected us to pay them for the house.  Some even made itemized lists of nails and screws.  I don’t remember my response.  It probably was something like, “Get fucked.”  It just seemed petty and like they were shaking us down.  Being a Peace Corps Volunteer did not equate to being a decent person across the board.  Not your house.  Not your money.  Make the future easier, not harder.  Don’t be a dick.

I used David Duchovny from Goats as the inspiration for the SUR1.