My friend bought a computer from Micron.  It was the baddest mofo on the planet.  I think it had a whopping 32 megabytes of RAM!  Yeah, baby!  Maybe a 512 megabyte hard drive.  It was blazing!  There was no way we would ever fill it, or use a program that taxed it.  First thing we did when we turned it on was find out it had gnomes.  We had no idea what the Hell that meant.  We assumed it was bad to have them and sought to eradicate them.  It eventually started working, but we forever referred to it as “Data Bitch.”  She was a capricious device.  He had a few games for it, some sort of D&D Mummy game, the coolest helicopter game ever (Apache Commando?), and Virtual Vixens…a game about…umm…stuff.  My favorite was the helicopter game.  You could pan back to the copilot who always just looked really pissed off.  We imagined him shooting the pilot in the back of the head a lot.  But really, despite it being cool and all-powerful, we rarely played on it.  It really was just an expensive word processor.

My first PC came years later.