For some strange reason, my aunt had a piano in her house. Now, she has a half-sister who actually plays the piano and has for my entire life, but this aunt had never touched a musical instrument in her life. So, while I was living with her and had nothing better to do with my time, I taught myself how to play the piano. It was very much like it’s presented here. I sat down, opened the book and started playing. Even though it’s one of the first songs people learn, Ode to Joy happens to be one of my favorites. After I figured out how to play it, I got some music sheets of some pop songs I like and played those. I even took a few lessons from Arizona, who had that German “Practice!” down pat. Pianos are cool.

I thought about making the keys on the piano accurate, as well as the music on the sheets. Ultimately, I decided that the essence was captured and the detail was not necessary. There are a few details in these panels that I would like to point out. First, I often stand with my fists on my hips. As such, I ought to practice that pose. Second, I really have NO idea what I look like from behind, other than I have “ghetto booty.” Third, I really like the arm/hand work in panels 2 and 3.