This is the day my friend addicted me to Blizzard games. I had missed the big craze for Warcraft (1) completely and had never heard of Warcraft 2 either. But one of my favorite games on Super Nintendo had been Nobunaga’s Ambition. It was there that I learned the maxim of Economics that people are not truly happy unless highly taxed and oppressed. I also learned to “SELL FUCKING RICE!” But once I played Warcraft 2, I was hooked. The feeling of impending doom when facing off against another human while trying to build a stable economy was thrilling. It was really the first time I had ever played against another person in a game. Sure, there was Street Fighter and Mario, but this was wholly different. This was a person in another room, in another building, and you had NO idea when they were coming to destroy you. Not to mention the comedic element in Blizzard games. “Yes, m’lord.” “YES M’LORD?! Get in that mine peasant! Don’t you ‘Yes m’lord me!’ If I wanted commentary, I’d give it to you!”